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Redefinition of urban greening

How urban urban greening can create better future in cites ?

Urban greening is now at a major turning point. The way cities are being built is changing dramatically with the advance of smart technology and automated driving of cars, while working styles and lifestyles are changing with the Corona Disaster. For people surrounded by cutting-edge technology, greening is essential for creating an environment where people feel that they are part of the ecosystem. The image of the city of the future depicts an overflowing amount of greenery, but the design perspective is greatly lacking. What is required in the future is not greening that focuses on the quantity of greenery, but greening that focuses on quality, that is, greening that has a clear purpose and contributes to people. In other words, it is important that urban greening contributes to the realisation of sustainable cities and is promoted with the primary aim of improving people's quality of life (QOL) in line with new lifestyles. Much research has been conducted on urban greening, including technologies to cope with the harsh urban environment, the effects of environmental improvement, and the state of people's use of urban greening, but it has only examined methods to solve individual problems and provided future prospects, and has yet to significantly improve the state of urban greening in the real world. There is a need to review the greening of the past, examine the direction in which urban greening should head in the future and the expected value creation, and then propose new greening designs.

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